Common to commercial premises, especially in the greater Durban area. 

Cockroaches are treated by the placement of baits/gels in hiding and/or feeding areas and also by the application of new generation pesticide formulations, to cracks, crevices, cavities, the rear of appliances and other potential harborage areas around machinery etc.

Gel baits
The gel bait acts as a food source for cockroaches. After being consumed, the bait interrupts the breeding cycles as a result of cockroaches transferring the bait to each other through their carnivorous nature and habit of grooming each other.

New Generation Low Toxic Chemicals
The products Flick Pest Control uses are new generation, low toxic gel baits, and insect growth regulators. When used properly, and in conjunction with each other, both products provide effective long term control of cockroaches.

Do you need Cockroach Eradication?

Exclusion and hygiene issues should be addressed to discourage re-infestation, as well as inspection and quarantine measures to check incoming goods in an effort to minimise the possibility of a cockroach infestation being introduced into the premises.

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