Inside • Outside • Attic areas • All crawl space areas

When buying or selling a home in KwaZulu-Natal, certain entomology inspections are required by law, including a home inspection and termite Inspection.

In most cases the bank or lender will not loan money on a home that has not had a termite Inspection. This inspection will include anything that destroys wood such as wood decay, any termites, powder post beetles or wood borers.


The inspection is conducted in the following areas of the home:

Attic areas
All crawl space areas

In order for the banks or your lender to loan money this entomology inspection can only be performed by an accredited termite professional.

Flick Pest Control performs a thorough inspection of your home and will generate the required Termite Report which will be sent through to yourself and your attorneys.

We understand that you want to find the most cost effective termite inspection company. We offer competitive rates, and with over 25 years of termite control experience, you are ensured of receiving certified quality and excellent service at a reasonable cost.

When buying a home please keep in mind that if the property is not under a current termite warranty you should still treat your home to protect your biggest investment and have peace of mind.