Localised White Ant Treatment

Termite (White Ant)

Termite (white ant) infestation in commercial properties can be costly to treat, as the factories, warehouses or shops are typically large. Termites attack the wooden structures, wooden shelving, pallets, cupboards, etc. The insects gain access through cracks in the concrete slab, through expansion joints, the foundation walls or even subfloor (cavity areas) underneath a building.

The general practice in KZN for an effective treatment for white is preventative, in that it is done at the time of the construction. The compacted soil is sprayed with a registered termiticide, prior to the concrete slab being laid. It is important to have this done by a registered professional pest control company.

However, where infestation is detected in an existing dwelling, holes are drilled along all walls and the termiticide injected into them under pressure. Where required, the foundation perimeter would also be excavated and flooded with the chemical. All holes and excavations are repaired and are seldom noticeable on completion. The earlier the infestation it detected, the less costly and disruptive it is to treat.


The inspection is conducted in the following areas of the home:

Attic areas
All crawl space areas

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