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When considering a tent fumigation for your home, the first step is to have the type of insect being treated for clearly identified. In KZN this tent fumigation is generally only required for wood borer (also known as drywood termite).

Should a professional inspection reveal the presence of wood borer, in most cases the only effective treatment is tent fumigation (the tenting of the affected property). On hearing that the home needs to be tented causes concern for most owners, as they do not fully understand the process. Let us set your mind at ease by explaining this simple procedure.

The first thing we do is measure the building to establish the size. We then provide you with the written estimate of the work, and once we get permission to proceed with the tenting, we set up a day and time that is most convenient for you.

Preparing for a Tent Fumigation
When preparing for termite tenting (or fumigation) there is some prep that will need to be done by the homeowner. Please keep in mind this all needs to be done for your safety:

Outside Prep – It is important to trim back all shrubs around the house to ensure the tarpaulins will fall to the ground. (Hint: Wherever rain water falls around your house is where the tarps will fall and where we need to work)

Inside Prep – All perishable food in the home will need to be removed, including anything in the fridge and freezer as well as nuts, dried fruit, chocolate etc. This excludes closed bottles, cans, dry food (rice, pasta, spices, coffee, sugar), almost anything in the grocery cupboard.

Pure animal products (feather pillows, down duvets, waterproof baby mattresses, angora woolens…etc) should also be removed.

The following items do NOT need to be removed from the home:


Since the gas doesn’t settle on surfaces there is no need to wash anything. If you prefer, wash your dishes for peace of mind, but it is not necessary.

We will supply you with a customer prep sheet that will explain exactly what needs to be removed and what can stay. A general rule of thumb is “If in doubt take it out!”

If you still are not sure, we are only a phone call away (031) 202 2372 and will be more than happy to answer your questions. Flick Pest Control will work very closely with you throughout the tent fumigation process. We are sensitive of the disruption, and endeavour to make it as painless a procedure for the family as possible.

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Tent Fumigation 3 day process

The following items do NOT need to be removed from the home:

Day 1 – The Tent will be put over the home and the gas will be released

Day 2 – Tent will be removed

Day 3 – Owners can re-occupy the home